Derrick is ready to stand up for the people of the 134th house district. Read our plan to make Missouri a better place for everyone.

Our Democracy is in Danger


In 2018, 62% of Missourians voted for the Clean Missouri ballot initiative. Clean Missouri had five goals: lowering contribution limits, capping lobbyists gifts at $5, expand transparency, require politicians to wait 2 years before becoming a lobbyist, and ensure fair redistricting. Since passed, Missouri legislators have been trying to gut the reforms made when we passed "Clean". They started with the transparency requirements, then they tried to change the gifting limit and now they are working to revoke the redistricting changes.

And why are they doing this, because in the words of Republican Leader, Senator Schatz, "Maybe you didn’t get it right, and we’re going to give you another opportunity." That's right because they think YOU made a mistake.

We need more representatives who will protect your vote and amplify your voice in Jefferson City. That is fundamentally why I am running to represent the people of the 134th house district. I trust the voters of Missouri to vote their beliefs and stand up for what is right. Together, we can have a state that works for all of us and representatives who understand that overturning the will of the people is off-limits! It's time we stand up to those in power and tell them that enough is enough.

I hope on November 3rd, 2020 you will cast your vote for me, Derrick Nowlin.

Paid for by Nowlin for the 134th, Treasurer, Stacey Back